Frequently Asked Questions :


What is the size of your trunk?


We have 7 foot tall side boards, 8 footlong bed by 5 foot wide. You get 3 pickup truck size boxes piled on top of each other. This separates us from the competition. We can load 15 mattresses, 6 couches or 6 refrigerators by standing them up in the air. We can load 75 banana boxes. You get 3 loads for the price of one.


How do you charge?


We charge by the truck load, a flat rate that includes all labor, dumping fees, gasoline, taxes, etc.


$50 is the minimum charge

$250 maximum charge


The price is less if we do not fill the truck. You only pay for the space used. 


Is your company green?


We have been recycling since 1975, before anybody knew what the term meant. We never throw away anything unless we have to.


What happens to useable items?


We do have a large charity donation service with the salvation Army, City Mission, homeless shelters and Drug Rehabilitation Centers within 70 miles radius of the Capital District. We have done this since 1975.

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