We have been recommended by Angie's List. We have advertised in the Times Union for 38 years, with no complaints from anyone ever!


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Some Of Our Customers Testimonials:


Patsy Whitney : Realtor (Albany)


Ed at Half Price Junk Removal.com has been cleaning out houses I sell since 1987. He does a complete job and does exactly what I tell him to do. He sweeps the floors clean like you would. I am very pleased with his service. 


Robert  Furey (Albany)


I have worked with Ed at Half Price Junk Removal loading his truck. He does a lot of heavy work in a short time. Ed never sits down or takes a break.


Ruth Lentine (Burnt Hills)


Ed loads the truck like you would. He fills every crack and crevice with your junk and knows how to pack a truck load. I took photos of the load Ed packed, I was so impressed.


Mike Clickeman (Schenectady)


When Ed first pulled into my driveway, I did not think he would get all of my junk on to his truck with his 7 foot high sideboards Ed was able to pack all of junk onto one truck load. He made a believer out of me.


Ed O'Reilly (Saratoga)


I have a two car garage. I had 3 couches (7 foot long) 15 matresses, 7 banana boxes full of junk. Ed stood them up in the air using 7 foot high sideboards and got all of this in one load. This saved me a second or third load with got junk. When I called Junk King they just threw my stuff onto the truck. I did not get my money's worth. Ed stacked and packaged the truck. Ed saved me half a day, and I was able to do other errands with the time Ed saved me. Ed will save you time and money.


Jim Furey (Realtor)


I have referred Ed at "half price junk removal" a number of times to clean out basements, garages, outbuildings, etc... for clients who are preparing to sell their homes. He has been great, the customers were very happy with the work he did, his honesty & especially the price!

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